Introduction to Service Oriented Architecture

  • Introduction to Inter Process Communication
  • Introduction to COM, COM+ and Remoting technologies
  • Definition and Benefits of SOA
  • Scenarios and Standards
  • Interoperability with Other SOA Technologies

Developing Service Oriented Applications with .Net Remoting

  • Introduction to Remote Process Communication
  • Remotable and Non-Remotable Objects
  • Marshal-by-value and Marshal-by-reference
  • Creating Remote Server and Clients

Developing and Managing XML Web Services

  • Introduction to SOAP
  • Creating XML Web Services
  • Publishing XML services
  • Consuming XML Web Services

Introduction to WCF Development

  • Service Contract and Implementation
  • Hosting WCF Services
  • WCF Behaviors
  • Developing and Consuming WCF Services using Channel Factories
  • Developing and Consuming WCF Services using Service References

WCF Contract Design and Implementation

  • Defining Contract
  • Contract Types
  • Service Contracts
    • Operation Overloading
    • Contract Inheritance
  • Operation Contracts
  • Data Contracts
  • Fault Contracts
  • Message Contracts
  • Messaging Patterns
  • Designing WCF Contracts

WCF End Points and Behaviors

  • Multiple Endpoints and Interoperability
  • Using WCF Discovery
  • WCF Default Endpoints
  • Using Queued Services
  • Implementing Transactions
  • Using Reliable Messaging
  • Configuring Instancing and Concurrency
  • MSMQ Topology

Testing and Troubleshooting WCF Services

  • Errors and Symptoms
  • Viewing Unplanned SOAP Faults
  • Using Fault Contracts
  • Handling Faults using Error Handlers
  • WCF Message Logging and Tracing
  • Supporting large Messages

Hosting WCF Services

  • WCF Service Hosts
  • Hosting WCF Services in Windows Services
  • Hosting in IIS and Windows Server AppFabric
  • Configuring WCF Hosts
  • Service Monitoring

Implementing WCF Security

  • Introduction to Application Security
  • The WCF Security Model
  • Transport and Message Security
  • Authentication and Authorization
  • Claim-Based Identity
  • Configuring Client

WCF Advanced Topics

  • Asynchronous Invocation Pattern and Implementation
  • Using Message Inspectors and Behaviors
  • Configuring and Using Routing