Software Courses

Software Courses

1. What are the tracks available in Software Developement?

The main tracks in Software Developemnt are .Net technologies track, Java track and PHP track. In .Net track students needs to study. ASP.Net, C#.Net, MVC, WPF, Silverlight, Sharepoint, Azure etc. Indepth knowledge in the subject is required to be able to clear interviews as you have to give accurate and detailed answers to interview questions. So in .Net Technologies , it is advisable to study ASP.Net, MVC, SQL database, Sharepoint or Azure indepth. If you are interested in Java, it is better to study JEE, Struts, Hybernate and also Android for mobile applications. Now a days Android applications are being used in different hardwares like, mobile, Tablet, Cameras, TVs, Washing Machines, Cars etc and many devices are in developing stage with Android applications. PHP is the present trend in developing web sites and portals. It is very easy to develop and has less cost. So PHP developers are very much required as Software Programmers.

2. How is the method of study for these Courses?

In .Net Technologies, you may go for ASP.Net, MVC, Sharepoint, Azure (Course:MCSD) and of course database design and development in SQL is very much required.

In Java , you may follow JAVA, JEE,Struts and Hybernate. In addition, it is advisable to do Android for Mobile and other hardware Apps.

In PHP, you can do PHP and Advanced PHP courses which contains Joomla, Zend Framework, etc.

3. How can I study Sharepoint Development ?

Presently Sharepoint Development has huge requirements and to study this, you need to know ASP.Net.

4. Why should I go for Certification like MCSD,OCJP,etc?

Certifications are important since many Software companies like Infosys, CTS, Wipro, TCS, etc ask the candidates to get Certification on the platform they are working in (MCSD, OCJP, ZCP, etc). This is because these companies can ensure the quality of the candidate and outsource the candidates to their clients in USA, UK, Australia, etc.

5. Is it necessary to do a project or internship after the course?

Getting a job may be difficult if you are a fresher without any real time project experience. This is because Companies need to spend their time, money , infrastructure etc to train freshers. Candidates need at least 6 months project experience to be productive and start error free coding without bugs. So normally companies prefer to take candidates with experience and do not waste their time to experiement on fresh candidates. It is highly advisable to get experience and get a good offer with handful salary.

6. How can I do Academic Project at Logic?

We are providing academic projects for BTech, MCA, MSc, BCA students. We ensure that students study the technology first and then go for real coding to complete their projects since this will help students to make project presentations effectively and face real interviews at different software companies during job interviews.