Networking Courses

Networking Courses

1. Why should I go for Networking Courses ?

In today's world, computers are inter-connected worldwide and communicate via internet, satellite etc. Computers are also used for Voice and Video communication across the world. Installation, Configuration and Administration of these networks requires expert hands. For administrating these LAN and WAN Networks, we need System and Network Administrators. For Securing these networks from Hackers and other intruders, we need Security Professionals.

2. How is the method of study for these Courses ?

We can segregate the Networking World into LAN, WAN and Security. LAN Network is the study of Windows 2012 Server and Windows 8 Client( Course : MCSE ) and Redhat Linux (Course : RHCE). For studing WAN, we study Routing and Switching( Courses : CCNA and CCNP), Voice( Courses : CCNA Voice, CCNP Voice) etc. For Security side, we need to learn to implement security over the network (Courses : CCNA and CCNP Security and CISSP).

3. How can I study Exchange Server ?

Exchange Server is the mail server product of Microsoft. If you have good understanding of Windows Server (MCSE Course), you can follow Exchange Server. This Course is very much needed for Enterprise level business environment.

4. How can I study Sharepoint ?

Sharepoint Server is the document management Server product of Microsoft. In order to learn Sharepoint Administration you need to have good understanding of Windows Networking concepts.

5. What are the tracks in Cisco Courses ?

Anyone who has basic understanding of Networking Concepts, can go for Cisco courses. It consists of three tracks.

  • Routing and Switching : CCNA -> CCNP -> CCIE (R&S)
  • Voice : CCNA -> CCNA Voice -> CCNP Voice -> CCIE (Voice)
  • Security: CCNA -> CCNA Security -> CCNP Security-> CCIE (Security)

6. Who should go for CISSP Courses ?

CISSP courses are required for those who are in Networking Consultancy and Auditing and also who administers wide networks. This course requires good knowledge of Networking Concepts.

7. Why do I need to study Redhat Linux (RHCE) ?

Now a days lot of companies uses Linux Servers along with Windows Servers. In big companies, you can find different applications running on different servers and some applications are not compatible with a particular server. Some companies develop applications and databases based on Linux Servers to save cost and stability. For administering these networks, we need RHCE professionals.

8. Why CCIE is the most wanted Certification in the world ?

CCIE is the most wanted Certification in the world because few professionals have achieved the prestigious CCIE certification (presently nearly 40,000 in the world). CCIE certified professionals are in high demand and that are paid very highly. Banks, Telecom, Fortune companies need CCIEs for their network administration. CCIEs design, plan, configure and administer the networks.

9. What are Online Certification Exams ?

Online exams are Computer based exam and students can appear for these exams at any day during office hours at our Logic Centre, Cochin with prior appointment. These exams are conducted by Prometric on belhalf of Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle, Zend, etc. You get the result printed out immediately after the exams. Companies employing Network Professionals insists the candidates to certify in MCSE, CCNA, CCNP, CCIE etc in order to maintain a standard of knowledge.

10. What qualifications are needed to pursue these Courses ?

Presently, there is no minimum qualification requirement for any of these certifications. Anybody having the interest in Networking field can go for the certification. Companies which recruits the Candidates may fix the minimum qualification like Diploma, Graduation, etc. based on their standards.